Decolonising the mind

I am a MA student at the University of Cape Town. It is not something I state proudly. I am embarrassed. I am also a graduate of Stellenbosch University. Another fact I am not proud of. As a woman of colour, these realities are painful and I am slowly processing the implications it has on my identity. I am forced to examine what forms of violence I have been implicit in. As someone working towards actualising a radical black feminist identity, I cannot walk away from these pressing and real issues.

I was a quiet part of the #FeesMustFall protests. I am not suited to mass protests. I am emotional,  aggressive, and confrontational. This is not the best attributes for those on the frontline.

I work with first year students. I am currently working with a group of postgraduates to redefine the department I study in. We are working towards decolonising our department.

The reading list linked is amazing. It has been compiled with much care and I salute those involved. This is not my own, but I think sharing it is useful.

Go forth and reimagine the world: Decolonising the African University.


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